Fun Ways of Tutoring Math and Language Arts

Many parents find themselves in the dark when they get complaints from their children’s school about their little ones sleeping in the class. You might also be one of those parents. If it is so, have you ever wondered what causes your little one so much drowsiness in class? Is it their loss of interest in studies or the traditional school routines are no more helpful to them? Whatever the case is, it is about time to introduce your kids to fun tutoring. To help you with that, we are bringing you this article with some of the best tutoring ways to incorporate fun learning habits into your children’s study plans.


We will keep our focus on fun ways of tutoring Maths and Language which are mostly found difficult by the little fellows. Let’s get started.

Best Tutoring Methods to Make Math Fun

It is completely understandable that you as a parent or teacher would struggle to build the interest of children in math lessons. Not every minor is fond of playing with the numbers and signs. Therefore,  some of our tried and tested methods to make maths lessons really enjoyable are as follows:

  • Maths Games

Yes, Maths games can be a great source of playing and learning at the same time. Our smart teachers introduce every new concept of maths through games so as to ignite the interest and focus of the children.

  • Visual Learning

We also take the best advantage of visual learning aids like multimedia screens in our maths lessons, appropriate to the children’s age and understanding. With visual learning, students can more easily absorb concepts. 

  • Using Physical Objects

Not only do we use digital equipment for our maths lessons, but we also use physical objects to teach calculations and other topics. For example, measuring tapes and weight scales to upskill the concepts of distance and weight.

  • Real-Life Examples

The best tutoring method, however, is to help children understand each and every maths lesson with real-life examples. This is what our tutors do. From addition subtractions to percentages and from ratios to geometry, every lesson is integrated with real-world examples.

Fun Ways to Tutoring Language Arts 

Communication is something we humans learn naturally from our surroundings. But sometimes, learning a new language can be a time-consuming and challenging process, and more difficult to teach that to a child, following the best tutoring practices that we follow in our language classes.

  • Using Audio-Visual Aids

Instead of forcing children to remember a word or phrase, we use audio-visual aids in our language class. This helps the growing babies learn and use the words at the same time. Also, audio-visual lessons keep them hooked and focused in the language class.

  • Communicative Activities

Our tutors let the language flow out naturally with highly effective communicative activities in the language class. These activities include dialogues, discussions, storytelling, and tongue twisters, to mention a few.

  • Promoting Reading Practices

The best tutoring practice is to promote reading habits among children. The more they read, the better they learn a new language.

Wrapping Up

At Performance Tutors,  we adhere to these tutoring practices in our curriculums so that your children learn new things every day with more excitement and zeal.

If you want to know more about the fun-based teaching modules, you can visit us at We have got every subject covered for every age.

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