K12 Academic Tutoring (In-person or Online)

K12 Academic Tutoring In-person or Online Math, English, Science, Social Studies

Performance Tutors offers K12 academic tutoring in a variety of subjects from Grades K-12. We have highly trained K12 academic tutors with extensive experience in their academic field. At Performance Tutors we understand the role that Academics play in a person’s future. Being prepared and confident in the classroom helps build self-esteem and prepares children and young adults for grade school, Jr. high, High School, College and beyond. Our goal at Performance Tutors is to help students build better study habits and time management skills, so they can continually get better academic results.. As students begin to do better scholastically they usually do better in other areas of their life as well.

Preparing academically and being ready in the classroom is similar to sports. Building consistent study habits through repetition and effort is similar to practicing hard for games. The more you do it the better you perform. There are many parallels between academic achievement and sports achievement. Just as athletes build stamina and readiness for games by consistent practice, through consistent study habits students build stamina and readiness for quizzes and tests. Our process is about helping with the work, building the tools, and assisting students in feeling prepared academically. Our staff of professional tutors have all performed highly in their academic lives, and have helped many students improve their standing in the classroom. Our staff is here to support and champion students in their effort to reach their academic goals. 

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